Community Hospitals should be turned into re-ablement centres

Don't close community beds : turn them into re-ablement centres

Three Community Hospitals in Cornwall are under threat of closure. Instead of losing a valuable resource turn them into re-ablement centres and reduce the pressure on acute beds. Read the full report by Dr Peter Levin
West Cornwall HealthWatch

Six bungles and no funeral: The short life, unmourned death and high cost of Cornwall's Sustainability and Transformation Plan for the NHS

A paper written by Dr Peter Levin about the bungles made since the launch of Cornwall's STP for the NHS.
West Cornwall HealthWatch

West Cornwall HealthWatch response to the proposed Accountable Care Accord

Cornwall Council Health and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee have set up a panel of 6 councillors to hold an inquiry into the proposed Accord for a shadow accountable care system between health and social care providers. West Cornwall Health Watch have responded to the panel.
West Cornwall HealthWatch

NHS Cornwall poised to close Minor Injury Units by Peter Levin

In a week when Treliske hospital has been on black alert and ambulances have been queuing outside waiting to discharge patients instead of answering emergency calls, Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group continues to pursue a policy of closing Cornwall’s NHS Minor Injury Units, while insisting that nothing has yet been decided.
West Cornwall HealthWatch

Minor Injuries Units in Cornwall - 'Absolutely no decisions have been made - which means what exactly? Peter Levin

Probably we all think we know what a decision is? But not everyone knows that the word ‘decision’ means one thing to the man and woman in the street and quite another to a bureaucrat? Read on to learn what consequences this can have.
West Cornwall HealthWatch

An Accountable Care System for Cornwall: an exercise in empire-building, by Peter Levin

The latest report on the 'Shaping our Future' project for health and social care in Cornwall, placed before Cornwall's Health and Wellbeing Board on January 25th, 2018, raises an important question about the project: is its purpose to meet the needs of the people of Cornwall, or is it primarily an exercise in empire-building?
West Cornwall HealthWatch

Five kinds of nonsense are keeping a community hospital closed

A summary of the timeline about the 'temporary' closure of the inpatient beds at Edward Hain Community Hospital, St Ives. Recent reports to the Cornwall Council Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee on the matter have revealed the five kinds of nonsense that face those trying to bring together health and social care services in Cornwall and the public who are trying to understand the situation.
West Cornwall HealthWatch

The Naylor Report reviewed by West Cornwall HealthWatch

An informative review of Robert Naylor's independent report on NHS property and estates, prepared for West Cornwall HealthWatch.
West Cornwall HealthWatch

Cornwall's STP. Why we need to see what's going on.

An analysis by Dr Peter Levin of how the planning for Cornwall's STP is proceeding and why the public should be worried.
West Cornwall HealthWatch

Community Hospitals under threat

This report examines recent developments and draws some pessimistic conclusions about the Shaping our Future plan for health and social care for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, but goes on to suggest a more positive way forward.