Our Constitution

1.    NAME

 The Group shall be called West Cornwall HealthWatch, hereinafter called “the Group”


Primary aim:
To monitor developments and campaign to safeguard and improve existing services provided in West Cornwall by the National Health Service


  • To gather information on the state, effectiveness, validity and importance of all aspects of NHS provision in West Cornwall
  • To determine the Group’s priorities in local healthcare provision
  • To work together to protect and promote the Group’s priorities for the provision of healthcare in West Cornwall; and to consult and liaise with specialists, professionals and others with common interests
  • To be an independent group and to remain above party politics and factional interests


Membership, by way of registration on a Supporter’s form, shall be open to all who support the Aims and Objectives of the Group



The management and control of the Group shall be vested in a Committee which shall be elected annually at the AGM, up to a maximum of twelve members.  Of these, three Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting:-

i)  Chairman
ii) Secretary
 iii) Treasurer
The Committee shall have the power to co-opt further members as may be deemed necessary and to appoint any sub-committee and shall prescribe the function of any sub-committee



a)  Committee meetings shall be held as and when necessary but in any event at least once a quarter

b)  General meetings, open to all Supporters, shall be held as and when necessary.  The local press, town and district councils shall be notified of General meetings

c)  The AGM of the Group shall be held in the first quarter of the year.  A minimum of fourteen days’ notice of the AGM
shall be given by announcement in the local press

d)  Ten members shall constitute a quorum at the AGM

e)  Nomination papers for the Committee shall be received by the Secretary seven days before the AGM

f)   A General meeting shall be convened at the request in writing to the Secretary of TEN members of the Group.  Such meetings shall be held within thirty days of the written request

g)    Eligible voters at any meetings shall have one vote except the chairman who shall also have a casting vote



a)    The Group’s financial year shall commence on 1st January

b)    All monies received by the Group shall be used for fulfilling the aims of the Group

c)    The Treasurer shall keep an account of all income and expenditure and shall present a statement of account to each committee and general meeting

d)    All banking and other accounts shall be held in the name of the Group and withdrawals shall be made in the name of the Group on the signatures of any two of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer

e)    The accounts of the Group shall be audited as soon as possible after the close of each financial year by a person who is not on the Committee of the Group



All decisions taken by eligible voters shall be deemed to have been approved and shall be acted upon when a simple majority of those present so indicate on a vote except for rules eight (8) and nine (9)



This constitution may only be amended by resolution of the AGM or a General Meeting by a majority of two-thirds of those eligible voters present.  Proposed amendments must be lodged in writing with the secretary at least seven days prior to the date of the Annual of Extra-Ordinary General Meeting



a)    The dissolution of the Group may only be decided by resolution of the AGM or a General Meeting by a majority equal to two-thirds of all those eligible voters present

b)    Any funds remaining at dissolution shall be donated to the West Cornwall and Associated Hospitals League of Friends



“West Cornwall” means the area of Penwith and Kerrier


Adopted February 24th 1998

Revised February 29th 2000