WCH Community forum 19.08.16

Brief report on WCH Community Forum meeting 19.08.16

Chaired by Paul Sylvester (PS), acting manager WCH.


Interviews are being held for the post of Hospital Manager on 31.08.16. It has been advertised as a Band 7 again despite being unable to appoint at the last interviews held in June, when it was felt that the post should be a Band 8.

Ella Stracey was appointed in June at RCHT as Assistant Director of Transformation, and will be taking responsibility for WCH.


Ophthalmology – still having to fight to get WCH appts. Will ask Debbie Way from ophthalmology to attend the next meeting to give an update.

KPIs all OK except OP appts down. Fracture clinics are being cancelled and PS will take this up with the orthopaedic department, as there is no need to see a consultant for simple fractures. Very few clinics in August, and feel it is easier to cancel a clinic at WCH when short staffed.


Delayed transfers of care – 19 on Med 1 and 2.

Length of stay went up and stayed up since late 2012 - ?when Poltair beds were shut. LoSs may be going up because patients are affected by dementia patients and not able to get better.

Patients are not getting the rehabilitation needed when in an acute bed.

A scheme to help this is on hold. (Taking on staff to do community nursing and start rehabilitation on the ward, and support patients at home until the care package is in place.)


Comments about the change in the level of support midwives are giving to new Mums, not visiting the first few days and sporadic.


UCC breaches, often caused by unavailability of ambulances. SWAST are reducing the number of cars to increase the number of ambulances.


Environmental improvements – pellet burner should be completed by the end of November. Energy efficient lights have been fitted. Together should reduce energy bills by £600k a year.


New OPD – need a proper update on the build now. This has been going on for five years, and now the Trust are asking for another £40k from the LoFs, for another architects report to go to the Board in October. This is not good enough and if there is no decision by October the LoFs will no longer support it – and the money could be spent on Physio, Xray and the UCC. The new OPD will cost £1.5m, £750k from LoF and £750k from the Trust. Is it the right thing to do? Could make other significant improvements across the site. There is an issue within the Trust about the money.


The coffee pod in the entrance is closed and Mitie have applied for a variation in contract to keep it closed. It is not making a profit and they don’t want to pay £1000 to service the coffee machine. It was paid for by the Trust and there is a possibility of running it with volunteers.

Chair of the LoF says she is having difficulty finding volunteers for the memory café.


Mitie staff mandatory training is behind. The Trust have taken on the Fire Safety training. Need an update on what is happening. The Mitie staff feel disconnected. Improving Working Lives is trying to improve this.

Pharmacy flooring and chairs have been provided by the LoFs.

The UCC is having flooring replaced (health and safety) by the Trust next week.

The LoFs have ordered a second bladder scanner. (This is better than catheterisation.)

The Sensory Garden opens officially on 3rd Sept.