Published 11/11/20

West Cornwall HealthWatch wants to know people’s experience of the rehabilitation and prosthetic service for residents in Cornwall. We want to know the good and the not so good experiences you’ve had and the things that would have made it better. 


We have heard that this service has not always met users’ expectations.

Having a limb amputation is a life-changing experience. The process of rehabilitation afterwards and, if appropriate, the experience of the prosthetic services need to be timely and effective both  physically and psychologically. 

West Cornwall HealthWatch is a campaigning group that strives to improve our health services. We want to get more information from the people who use these services so that we can highlight users’ concerns to the service providers, so these services can be improved in the future.

If you want to tell us your experiences,  please contact: Lesley Brooke (committee member of WestCornwall Healthwatch). Email

 Alternatively you can put your response on the patient story section of our website