The Referral Management service in Cornwall

23rd June 2014 

West Cornwall HealthWatch wants to remind all readers of the choices they have when they are phoned about booking their hospital appointment or treatment.  The adviser phoning you will follow an agreed script, which runs as follows:
1.   You will be told that the call is from the Referral Management Service regarding a referral from a GP surgery.  You have to confirm your date of birth.  Your consent must be obtained before a relative or carer speaks on your behalf.
2.      When a choice is available, you are told that you have a choice of where and when you can be seen.  Then you are told
- when and where the closest appointment is
-       when and where the first appointment is
-       other locations where the services are held
-       the differences in services i.e. see and treat
3.     You are asked your preference.  When the appointment is booked, you are asked to write down the place, date and time.     
Those of us living in the west of the county will almost certainly want to choose local.  This will mean West Cornwall Hospital wherever possible, and St Michaels Hospital particularly for orthopaedic or breast surgery.  We encourage readers to exercise their choice to have convenient appointments and treatment.  We continue to campaign to keep our local hospitals working well, and we worry when we hear that people are perhaps travelling unnecessarily further afield, whether to a private hospital in Truro, or beyond.  So please let West Cornwall HealthWatch ( know if for any reason you are not offered the choices you wish in the way you should be offered them.  And please remember to “Use it or lose it”!