NHS Kernow meeting 02.08.2016

A meeting is not usually held in August and was chaired by Chris Blong in the absence of Dr Iain Chorlton.

This is a personal report of highlights - not a full summary.

Quite a lot of questions from the public including -

Q. What is the situation with Joy Youart

A. Not given - complex and confidential

Q. What's happening about Cardrew Health Centre

A. Closing next week. Camborne Redruth Community Hospital is providing a MIU/Primary care centre, run by CPFT. Cannot be called an Urgent Care Centre because it does not fit the criteria. All Cardrew registered GP patients should have been transferred to other local practices. There were 27k attendances at Cardrew last year - worry that some/many of these will end up at Treliske. Later discussion about risk around enough GPs for provision of the service. At the start there will be GP provision Out of Hours times and nurse led in hours. In hours if it is considered a patient should see a GP will be redirected back to GP surgery. CPFT have 3 months to get a fully functioning service working.

Q What is happening around EHH St Ives.

A KCCG in discussion with CPFT about what work needs to be done. Some replacement beds at Camborne. Aim seems to be to reopen but not entirely clear.

Q Why is the Turnround Director, imposed by NHS England paid £360k an obscene amount for Cornwall.

A Appointment approved by NHS England but it was KCCG who offered the salary - the going rate for the specific skills needed. Already identified options to save money. (This has subsequently been challaenged as it is over the cap recently set by NHSE.)

Q What are they doing about out of county mental health placements, numbers spiked yet again, £1.5m over plan for 1st quarter

A Not a new issue, national one. Full answer to follow, and invitation to follow up with meeting

Q Relocation of CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) service from Treliske site - are they aware and monitoring

A Explaination of the need to vacate the site as no longer available. Relocation to Truro Health Park, Threemilestone and St Austell (staff base), and they do monitor all contracts.

Q Resources released from closure of Poltair Inpatient beds not seen in West Penwith

A Offer to set up a meeting to discuss this

Other points of note form the meeting -

Some Consultants at Treliske have formed a Limited Company, to provide care outside NHS contracts. A worrying development that KCCG are concerned about.

National decisions are putting local costs up.

The Sustainability and Transformation Plan was discussed in Part 2 of the meeting (public excluded). Recognise the need to consult staff and public with some urgency - September/October. Comment what you can do without formal consultation with the public.

Money - Deficit still forecast at £38m. Also potential risks of a further £20m. At the end of the first quarter £700k overspent. Hope that savings will come through later in the year. Overspend coming from prescribing, acute care at Treliske, Continuing Care packages and Mental Health out of county placements.

Performance and Quality (various medical treatments/times against national targets), slight improvement with Treliske doing better than Derriford. Record numbers attending ED and MIUs, day and night (so not due to failings in the Out of Hours service). Still looking for explainations.

Director's update - NHSE new requirements about finances, more control from the centre.