NHS Kernow Board Meeting 5 Jul 2016

Points raised:

The public are not aware of the financial crisis the health service in Cornwall is facing. There could be a reduction in the range of services available and large scale shifts in patterns of care. There needs to be honesty with the public to help meet the challenge. There will be engagement with the public over the Sustainability and Transformation Plan in September/October.

The Turnaround Director, appointed to help NHSK while they are under legal directions says they have the right people in the organisation but not necessarily in the right place.

There is great concern about the 111 service, which the Care Quality Commission has said is inadequate. It was suggested we need integration of the 111 and Out of Hours service and we need a good system that meets local needs instead of a national arrangement that doesn't suit Cornwall. The GPs feel there needs to be much more clinical input into any redesign of service so as not to repeat mistakes of the past.

The medicines waste campaign is being relaunched.

The Living Well project will need funding from NHSK soon, when it's current funding stream ceases. A business case needs to be prepared and further evaluation is being provided from the Academic Science Network (from NHS England). A Social Impact Bond model of funding was rejected.