Get involved

How you can be involved in West Cornwall HealthWatch

West Cornwall HealthWatch is keen to liaise with all interested individuals and groups.  Please let us know if and how you would like to be kept informed of our activities.

We encourage everyone - individuals, groups, organisations etc - to sign up as Supporters of West Cornwall HealthWatch.  

Donations are gratefully received, but there is no membership subscription and no contributions are expected.

Any Supporter living locally can be nominated for a place on the committee, which meets at least monthly, works very hard and is elected annually in March.

Please complete and return a Supporters form (below), or if you would wish to be nominated for committee at the next AGM.

Please bring us your comments or concerns, issues you feel we should be addressing, or incidents you would like us to know about.

We in our turn try to keep the public informed of our activities by press statements, particularly in The Cornishman newspaper, on this website or on our Facebook page.  So look out for our latest news in these columns.

Our 'boundaries' correspond with the former Penwith and Kerrier District Council areas, now known as Cornwall Council area West 1.

We are keen to hear from anyone in West Cornwall who would like to work with us.

We are keen to let as many people as possible know about us; and your comments, opinions and questions are always welcomed.

We will not share your information with anyone. Please read our privacy policy here.