April 2013 Changes for home treatment

Following discussions with the service, as from 2nd April when you are phoned to arrange a hospital appointment through 'Choose and Book', the caller should say:
1. Do you know that you have a choice
2. The nearest appointment for you is at ..., the soonest appointment is at ..., and there are other choices at ... etc.
3. There are some differences in services provided at these places (e.g. 'see and treat')
4. The treatment regime i.e. patients seen at a particular location may have to have all treatment and follow ups from that location
5. Now you can make your choice

We hope that this will enable more patients to be treated closer to home, which for us means West Cornwall or St Michaels Hospitals, or Poltair or Helston - rather than having to travel to Truro or Bodmin.  

Please let us know your experiences of Choose and Book.